Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Anti Crash Blue Screen Full

AntiCrash is a fully-ftured anti-crash suite: it can intercept and repair crashes automatically, and can also find and repair most PC problems with a single click!

AntiCrash is the best anti-crash system. It can fix crashes, errors & blue screens. It ftures an "Unfreeze" function to unfreeze an appliion that stopped responding. It can also scan your volumes to find and repair unstable appliions. With Town Patrol, fix minor crashes without any user intervention. And, since AntiCrash ftures a crash log, you can find out what appliions should be repaired, because AntiCrash is able to repair an appliion that keeps crashing. Now fturing an anti-boot system for Yahoo Messenger, AntiCrash is the most complete anti-crash system available for .

AntiCrash also ftures a revolutionary and unique technology, AutoRepair. With AutoRepair, find and repair most PC problems with a single click, using an advanced Artificial lice system. It doesn't matter if it is a registry problem, a driver problem, a hard problem or a bad setting: AutoRepair will find and repair your problem in minutes!

AntiCrash will automatically backup the file you were working on when a crash occurs, to avoid data loss and corruption. AntiCrash is also the only appliion that will ch a freeze, a blue screen or a system crash.

AntiCrash can repair files loed on a damaged volume (i.e. bad sectors), or a file damaged by a crash. AntiCrash can also attempt to repair unstable appliions and add a to fix them. You can undo all reparations made by AntiCrash.

AntiCrash is fully compatible with 95/98/98SE/Me/NT/2000/XP.


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