Friday, May 27, 2016

Download Game Alien Wars

Alien Wars

Classic space battle game filled with waves of enemies and wpon powerups. Download free full version game now!

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Alien Wars Alien Wars Screenshot Alien Wars Screenshot

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Game Description:

Welcome to the world of Alien Wars - a fantastic Vertical Scrolling Space Shooter game! Lve your frs far behind. Set your mind free. Believe in the endless universe and it will blast in front of your eyes with millions of alien galaxies.

Alien Wars combines all the best ftures of simple arcade and space shooter. Meet lots of different enemies, destroying armor and as much action as you can only imagine! When running your fantastic space ship you'll have a chance to enjoy butiful space landscape and listen to the original soundtracks. Alien Wars can absolutely be called a game with a blistering gameplay.

Download free full version game and win space battle!

System Requirements:

- 95/98/XP/ME/Vista/7;
- Processor 800 Mhz or better;
- RAM: minimum 1024Mb;
- DirectX 9.0 or higher;
- DirectX compatible sound board;
- sy game removal through the Control Panel.



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