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Youtube Downloader Pro PC

YouTube Downloader Pro 4.8.4 (YTD) +

Youtube Downloader Pro PC

How to Download your File Tutorial
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Relse Date: August 19, 2014
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Formerly known as plain old YouTube Downloader, the recently renamed YTD Downloader updates to version 4.7 with a promise of 2x faster downloads and 2x faster conversions, and perhaps more usefully, the ability to resume downloads after the temporary loss of an Internet connection. As usual, the installer includes a Spigot-based YTD Toolbar and offers to change your default srch engine to Yahoo and add 5-6 shopping extensions to Google Chrome. Clicking the "Decline" button during the lone advertising screen in the installer lets users sily opt-out of all offers.

Downloading worked very well for popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Blip.. As in previous reviews, YTD Downloader quickly saved the default MP4 file to the directory of my choice, which is sily selected or crted from the main screen. I tried various CNET and "crtive commons"-tagged s on YouTube and had excellent download speeds. I was sure to try out the most recently added site that YTD supports--the Chinese site Youku--and was able to download a wonderful beetle animation sily, though it did brk longer s into multiple files (see below).

The free version of YTD Download only allows downloading to the MP4 format, so the additional conversion functionality for changing the file to WMV, AVI, or is welcome, but why not just convert the download on the fly? Converting files worked acceptably well, although I did crash the app once converting a Download Preview from MP4 to . The conversion completed, but the program become unresponsive and I had to force quit. I experienced other occasional brief program hangs when downloading large s from foreign sites.

The player in YTD is supposedly new for v4, but I can't tell the difference from v3. Users select a directory from which to select specific files, and YTD Downloader plays back the in a small that is about 300x165 pixels. A full-screen button is the only resizing option, and there is no skipping around within s--the only controls are for moving to the previous or next on the directory. It's a passable player to confirm that the you selected was downloaded and is not corrupt, but no one would use YTD for their regular player.

I tested out YTD's new "resume download" functionality the old-fashioned way--by ripping the ethernet cord out of the back of my PC. The software delivered as promised--after the PC was unplugged, the downloading files updated to a "Status" of "Paused, waiting for Internet connection" and then resumed appropriately after replugging into the network.

One thing I did notice is that YTD will (sometimes) brk longer s into multiple MP4 files, and if one of those files is complete when your Internet or computer crashes, YTD will restart all of those multiple files, even the completed ones. Not a huge problem, just a niggling annoyance, and I wasn't able to replie the issue on YouTube (YTD always saved my YouTube s as one file). A bit more frustrating than the mutiple files is the inability to resize the main appliion window to actually rd the contents of the "Status" messages.

YTD Downloader version 4.0 doesn't add many new ftures, but performance of the latest update was impressive, and the app continues to work flawlessly on all the major -strming sites. I recommend it whole-hrtedly without any reservations, aside from the standard mom-and-pop warning to only use the appliion for legal purposes per the laws and and regulations that apply to your geographic locale.

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