Friday, May 27, 2016

DFX Audio Enhancer 11 Full version Free Download

DFX Audio Enhancer 11 Free DownloadFtures of DFX Audio Enhancer 11:
• Harmonic Fidelity Restoration
Adding Fidelity to your audio eliminates the "muffled" sound that is an artifact of the data compression aorithms used in Internet audio formats. DFX compensates for this loss of high frequency fidelity by carefully reerating the missing high frequency harmonics in the audio. This harmonic restoration is performed using patent-pending technology that carefully synthesizes high frequency harmonics to replace the harmonics lost during the encoding process.
• Ambience, Stereo Imaging
Adding Ambience to your audio compensates for the lost or diminished stereo depth that is the result of closely loed spkers, poor listening environments, and sonic losses due to data compression of Internet audio formats. DFX compensates for the reduced stereo imaging and depth of PC audio by carefully reerating the ambience and stereo depth. This same ambience processing has been used by Grammy winning engineers of artists such as Alanis Morissette and Ella Fitzgerald.
• 3D Surround Sound
Using the 3D Surround Sound component adds amazing depth and body to your audio, compensating for monitoring limitations and sonic losses due to data compression. With 3D Surround processing the sounds will surround you, virtually putting you inside the music! 3D Surround enhances the sound played on conventional 2-spker systems and makes even small PC spker systems sound larger and richer. It is also fully compatible with Surround Sound playback systems.
• HyperBass
Using the HyperBass component adds deep, rich bass sound to your audio by compensating for the bass limitations of almost all PC-based audio systems and data-compressed audio formats. DFX does this by carefully reerating the low frequency harmonics, thus incrsing the perceived bass, but without exceeding the spkers physical limits, adding or changing spkers or amplifiers, and without incrsed power consumption. HyperBass grtly improves the bass performance of any sound system.
• Dynamic Gain Boosting
Adding Dynamic Boost incrses the perceived loudness of your audio while minimizing distortion levels, particularly when using Internet audio systems. By adding Dynamic Gain Boosting, your playback system will sound twice as loud without losing any punch on loud passages.Typical PC-based multimedia playback systems and even home stereo playback systems suffer from limited dynamic range and hdroom. Dynamic Boost compensates for this limited hdroom by carefully processing the audio to incrse the perceived loudness of the audio without altering the perceived dynamic range.
Important Note:
- DFX Audio Enhancer 11.109 installer is bundled with "AVG Security toolbar". However, you may continue the installation process without installing it.
Changes in DFX Audio Enhancer 11:
- Now enhances all PC audio playback on 7, 8, and Vista- Artist s Direct links to music s of the artists and songs you listen to.- Similar Artists sily discover new music based on the artists you listen to.- Song Lyrics Sing along to your favorite tunes with the integrated song lyrics finder.- Artist Bio Lrn about the interesting history behind the artists you listen to.- Artist News Direct links to news stories on the web about the artists you listen to.

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