Friday, May 27, 2016

Free calls to U.S.A and Cannada With your Gmail Account

Hi Guys ,
this is sai mohit and today i am gonna share a article on how to make free calls to U.S.A and Cannada.With this useful article you can Save lots of money of your Phone Bill...............

Guys,we all havemany of our neighbours in U.S.A ,we talk too much with our neighbours making bill to telephone subscription.It is very difficult to rn money, but it is no use when we spend it as a liquid for this unnecessary thing.So we should start saving money by this tip from click4sy.So where there are problems there is click4sy.So to make calls we all need is.....
*Hotspot shield To download hotspot Shieldclick here*Gmail AccountYou should have a gmail Account or click here*Time to Install SoftwareYou should have 5-10 minInstructions*First install the Hotspot shield
*Connect hotspot shield
*.Goto and login with your username and

*.Click on Call phone

*.Dialany U.Sor Cannada

Note:If you did not install voice and plugin,it will not work,click it to install*.Make free calls to U.S.A and cannada



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