Friday, May 27, 2016

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Free hide IP is the best freeware IP hiding software used to hide your original internet protocol address and show a fake IP address to the other world. Free hide IP is available as free download for platform only. It hides your IP address to providing you security, privacy and protection from male-, spy, seekers and attempts as well. This will stay safe your computer, laptop or notebook from any malicious and suspicious online activity. This is perfect, simple, fast and reliable IP hiding software that is completely free for any type of use or purpose. IP hider can sily change your original IP address with an extra given fake internet protocol address so you can browse anonymously all over the world.

IP hider hides the uine IP of your computer and gives an anonymous IP address from another country or loion. This will shows you an anonymous user to other world. So there is nothing on the rth that finds your uine IP and original loion correctly. It is 100% working IP hider software that is free of cost and it has no spyware, ad-ware and male-ware included in setup. It's free because it has the complete name "Free Hide IP". There is a Pro version of free hide IP available in author site for purchase. The professional version has many Pro tools, ftures and advantages for professional and business users.Browse Anonymously:
IP hider free allows you browsing the web anonymously. It has integrated servers and IP addresses so you will be given anonymous IP automatically. You can browse any website, download anything and open any type of forum or blog as anonymous visitor.

Privacy Protection:
IP hider free provides you privacy to your data, information and your identity as well. This will stays safe you from any type of attempts and seekers that wants your information online. This will also defends for theft of credit card, ATM and other login details as anonymous loion, visitor and IP.

Small and Powerful:
Free hide IP is simple, faster, small and most powerful internet protocol hiding software among its competitors. It has setup size smaller than 3 MB and it requires only up to 5 MB of local hard drive space in your C:/ drive for installation. So it proves that this software is smallest and smartest.

Providing Security:Security is the mostly faced problem by the professional and home users very well. So there are some ways that guides and provides best ways to safe and protect your security from others. IP hider free also is one of them that provide security to its users with hiding their IP address and let them a un-tracble internet protocol address instantly.Send Emails Anonymously:
There are many email filters, spammers and loing tools are available worldwide. If you send emails to others, so it has the probability that they trace you with your IP and sending loion. So IP hider software gives you the solution of this problem. You can sily send uncountable emails to everyone so you don't have to fr from tracing the IP and loion with helping of free hide IP software.

Re-Enter in Forums Where You Banned:
There are many websites or forums where your login or username was blocked due to spamming, abusing and other rsons. So free hide IP will gives you an opportunity to enter in those sites from anonymous IP and loion immediately.

Choose Any Specific Country:IP hide ftures the IP country option enable allows you to select your favorite country from the given list. So you assigned IP of that country you selected from the list directly. You will get a fake IP address every time you connected to the world.

All Browser Supported:Free hide IP software supports all the internet and web browsers used in . These internet browsers can open and visit any website from worldwide sily. The supported internet browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and many other browsers.Supported Platforms:
XP (32-bit and 64-bit) Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)Appliion DetailsSize: 2.62 MBVersion: FreewareDeveloper: free-hideipDownload From Here

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