Friday, May 27, 2016

How to transfer ps2 games (iso) to usb rdable format(.ulf) 2012

Hi guys,this is Sai mohit and today i am gonna share a Article on how to convert P.s.2(iso) To usb format(.ulf) To be rdable in hdd loader...............

This post is being published on the ocassion of my birthdayMany of us have ps2,it is a golden offer for thoose who have ps2.Because this information is not available on any website,this is only click4sy exclusive.We all play ps2 games,most of us use games, a new gaming technique was launched in 2000.It is a wonderful technique of modding which enables us to play game using Usb.For this one , you need your ps2 console to be modded using a mod chip.This will be done by your nrby
ps2 expert.I prefer not to do it yourself by being inspired of fuckin Youtube s,as once i was stuck due to these.Ps2 s are too costly in my locality,so i saw thoose two usb ports and imagined why they were installed in the ps2 console.I typed on youtube ,which gave me list of thoose fake s,by seeing the i did it myself.something went wrong and i was scolded by my father.Then i approached a ps2 expert and he did it for me at cost@Rs.1500.Alternative method is by using swap magic available .So now you have your modded ps2.Now the problem is how to transfer iso games to usb format.This is also available in your nrest ps2 games shop,if not then this article is for you
I will provide step by step turtorial to make it sy
* All you need is USB UTILITY 2.0 .To download it justclick here
Instructions1.Extract the files it

3.if you have a iso file on your computer har,then follow

4.if you a the game ,then follow on
Insert the and

5.connect the usb to your ps2

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