Friday, May 27, 2016

Incrse your voccabulary in a funny way Online!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys,
Are you poor in English,Voccabulary,Conversation....etc .To improve your voccabulary stop sitting as couch potatoes to thoose voccabulary improvement books.Improve your voccabulary and write as a
professional writter for

Hi guys ,
this is sai mohit and today i am gonna share a game to improve your voccabulary,conversation skills....etc.I know that it is very boooor to study thoose voccabulary improvement Books ,Going to English coaching classes...etc.It is very difficult task right.....We all wonder if there is any sy way togetgood voccabularyskills.But there is ,Click4sy proudly presents the voccabulary improvement Puzzle for Guys who are poor in english which you can play online on this website.This game is very interesting and it is also my all time favourite.You can play this home in your home,, this game is online .If you get addicted to this game ,the time will get past like a super r.I play this at lst 1 hr a day.Now i am writting posts with good english its all due to this gameAbout this Game.Actually a Dictionary is alrdy loaded in this game ,so that it does not reptsany word.The objective of this game is to find the correct 8 letter word.In srching this word you attempt to many words,also be given points .After you rch certain points in the given time you will be levelled-upPoints3lettered word -5 points4 lettered word -10 points5 lettered word-15 points6 lettered word-20 points7 lettered word-25-45 pointsFull correct answer you will be levelled -upHow to on play game 2.Timer will start automatically3.make a word4.then submit5.rch your target6All the best!!!!


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