Friday, May 27, 2016

Mozilla Firefox 26.0 Free Download

Download Mozilla Firefox 26.0 Free Download - is a very customizable open source Internet browser which brings full-ftured tools for improving your experience surfing the web.

DownloadhereMozilla Firefox 26.0 Free
Mozilla Firefox 26.0 Ftures
These are the most important characteristics of Mozilla Firefox:

High speed browsing for every type of websitesTotal integration with external addons to download, such as e-mail clientsUse of words for identifying previously visited sitesIntegrated srch engine in the main barAdvanced tab-browsing management navigationActive protection against malware, spyware, worms and virusesAttractive and customizable interface with themes and online elements to updateNative HTML5 and advanced developer’s tools
System RequirementsThese are the minimum system requirements for this browser:Operating System: XP SP2 or furtherCPU: Pentium 4Memory: 256MB RAMHDD: 200MB free space to download and install the software

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