Friday, May 27, 2016

Snooker 147 Game Full Version Free Download - msXsoft

Snooker 147 is free PC game available for free download relsed from JHC software that is the uine developer of snooker 147 PC game. Snooker 147 was firstly relsed in 1997 for 95, 98, Me and 2000. After the ten yrs of success it relses snooker 147 with including of Poolster 147 for XP, Vista and also works with 7. Snooker and poolster 147 are the perfect 2D snooker games and provides original ball effects including with sound effects to provide more fun to its player.Snooker 147 has 9-ball game type that includes maximum red balls.The other colorful balls are Yellow, Gray, Green, Blue, Pink and Black color ball. As you know the white ball is necessary of this game and used to hit the other balls to put them in hole. Snooker 147 has simple setup and have no system hang problem because it is too small size game. Snooker 147 is a shareware game and if you want to use snooker 147 for commercial use you send a small payment for using of commercial purpose.How to Play:Snooker 147 is simple game for both single player and also for multi-player. There are multiple ftures like Stick speed is used for hitting the ball hard and soft to incrse the force of hit the ball or move stick to soft side to hit the ball softly. The white ball at the right bottom of the screen is used to hit the ball from different sides to move the motion of white ball at specific side. First contact fture is used to know after hitting that white ball has fist touch with this color ball. Go For is used to hit the ball first that is the exact color to go for. This will help you to don't make fouls.
Game ObjectivesSnooker 147 has a strong computer player that will try to deft you. The shots that are made from the computer are very hard and professional. So you must play your own shots very carefully to get more scores and to deft computer player. Try to put those balls that are given in G For section. This will help you to avoid the fouls. If you make a foul so the computer player gets multiple points automatically. Just try to put every ball that is given in go for section.
Game Ftures:Save and Load: Snooker 147 provides you save and load fture that can help you to save your favorite game in to your computer and after that you can load that game from saved file to tell your high scores to your friends.Ball Trials: Snooker 147 provides ball trials fture to monitor or track your balls for more lrning. White and the hitten ball automatically crtes trials in that path where the balls are moving.Slow Motion Replay: Snooker 147 has ability to show replays of your perfect shots. This will help you to become a stronger player and deft your friends.Undo Shots: You can sily undo your snooker 147 shots to undo your wrong shots and play again a perfect shot to put that ball in to hole.Appliion Details:Size: 1.30 MBVersion: 1.3: Shareware Developer: JHC-Software

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