Friday, May 27, 2016

Viber for XP /7 /Vista /8 Full Version Free Download - msXsoft

Viber for is now available after relsing viber for Android, viber for iPhone, iPad, and viber for MAC. Viber for desktop PC is fully compatible with XP, 7, 8 and vista. Viber is previously available for iPhone, iPad, Android and viber for MAC. Viber is most favorite, simple, fast, sy to use and perfect chatting appliion that provides voice and calling from viber to viber without any cost. There are many popular competitors of viber appliion such as whats app, Skype, LineYahoo, tango, Facebook, and many others. All these competitors are not available for all platforms. Viber is most popular chat messenger from all over the word. Basically viber is free VoIP communiion client that makes your conversation enable.

Viber is now finally available for personal computers to user viber at your desktop without any browsing disturbance. Viber has abilities to do any action required and necessary action that are used while chatting or calling. Viber provides stickers and emotions to show your status or feelings to other friends, family or colues. Viber can automatically get direct access to your mobile and SIM contacts. Viber is basically cross platform communiion system that makes it stay connected from anywhere, anytime and any platform. The contacts of phone and SIM are automatically listed in Viber directory and it shows only those contacts that has viber in their mobile .sy to Use:Viber is most simple and sy to use small appliion that provides multiple ftures all in one software for . Viber has simple ftures that provide free voice and calling, text messages, multimedia attachments, stickers, smiles and emotions send loions and many other ftures.Stickers / Emotions:Viber provides stickers, smiles and emotions to shows your feelings to your friends, family and colues. They can also reply you with these emotions and stickers to you as answer of your feelings. This fture also entertains you with funny emotions and stickers. The stickers are bigger and send instantly. The emotions are smaller than stickers and can be attached inside message text.Media Attachment:Viber allows you advance attachment to sent to others who are online or offline. The offline contacts will receive media attachment when they go live on viber. The media attachment provides you more than 1 fture such as photo gallery, take photo from camera, doodle and send attachment as well.Voice/ Calls:Viber gives you voice and calling with high definition quality & service. Voice and calling makes you able to connect with any online contact without losing money because these calls are free of cost. The voice and call result and quality depend on your network or Wi-Fi speed.No :Viber has no requirements because it's available for free of cost and sily installed in any platform. Viber does not have any premium and Pro version. Viber is simple and fast messenger that requires only mobile and country to select. After this it sends a security via message on your mobile . You must confirm it before user viber. It also do not need any username or to login to your account.Group Conversations:Viber gives you this advance fture to add more people in voice and calling. This fture is called group conversations. More than one friend can make a free group call with ch other without ending the previous calls. Group chat allows up to 3 persons and more can be talk in one time.Loion Sharing:Viber has small arrow button aside with message send button that show others about your loion where you are using viber. Viber also sends your loion from + button and select loion. The screen shot of a Google map will sent to other and they sily guess about your loion. This advance fture is not available in any other communiion client app.

AndroidiOSBada PhoneAppliion DetailsSize: 1.30 MBVersion: 3.1.1: FreewarePlatform: Developer: Viber

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